Who Do You Think You Are? Story is a free website that offers you the chance to create a visual journey through your family history. By entering in details about your ancestors, you can paint a vivid picture of the past, enriched by adding your own photos, facts, anecdotes alongside our constantly growing database of contextual facts that help to cast a light on the world in which your ancestors lived. 


What do I need?

To get started on your Who Do You Think You Are? Story, you only need the names of your family along with where and approximately when they were born. To further enrich your final product, you can add in photographs, anecdotes, facts about your relatives and births, deaths, marriages, divorces and everything else that shaped your family story.


If you don’t have a photo of a relative on their own, you can upload a group photo and then select the family member you wish to feature at that stage of your Story.

What if I don’t know about a particular relative?

Within the story building process is a function called ‘ask a relative’. This will let you email one of your relatives from within the website in order to find out what else you can add to your family story.


Once your story is complete, you’ll be given the option to share your story with friends and family via email and social media from within the website.


Can I delete my data?

Although we don’t offer the option to permanently delete all of the data you input through the site itself, we can delete it all on request. Just email us at and we’ll be happy to take it all down as soon as possible.

What do you do with my data?

Nothing at all. We don’t sell or give away user data. The only reason we ask for your details is to make your Who Do You Think You Are? Story experience richer and more complete.

For more information on what we do with user data, check out our privacy policy here.


For help or advice on using Who Do You Think You Are? Story, please contact our support team at

If you have suggestions of facts or further content to help put stories in context, please email them to us at

If you have more general feedback on how we can improve the experience please send it to We look forward to hearing from you.